McCaughey Family Tree

Thomas McCaughey 1803 – 1867 married Jane 1806 – 1891

Francis McCaughey 1825 – 1875 m Ann Montgomery 1820 – 1900

Robert Montgomery McCaughey 1852 – 1938


First Marriage – Margaret Wallace 1853 – 1880 1. Margaret m. Montgomery

Cushendall Road

2. Francis (Frank) Narrandera NSW Australia

Second Marriage—Margaret White 1854-1934

  1. Grace m. J McCord > Sydney Australia-two children

a. Annie m. Jim Welsh- Randalstown three children

b. Nathaniel USA—two children-one Nathaniel b.1920

c. Robert USA

d. Bessie m. William Currie > Brisbane Australia-2 children

e. Samuel James m. Mary Graham- 13 children

All six above were born at Carncoagh & went to school at Carnclinty –near Ballymena

Annie and Bessie went to a private school in Fairhaven in Wales.

Samuel James m. Mary Graham

Margaret m. Ad Cumming > Canada -two children, Brian in Canada and Anne in Turkey

Robert m. Sheila > England two children David and Mary both in Vancouver

Elizabeth d. 3 months (from an infected vaccination needle)

Maureen M. Sam Owens- N. Ireland two children-John and Mac. N Ireland

twins Samuel m.Marjorie Lowe> Canada 4 children-all Canada

& Joan d. by shooting accident on the farm at Ballymena, aged 6 years old

Anna m. Brian Barratt> Australia- five children including twin boys. NSW

Twins Nat m. Joy McMillan > Australia_ 2 children Brisbane 1 Melbourne

& William m. Bev> West Australia-three children W.A.

Graham m. Val Dawson . West Australia-one daughter W.A.

Grace M. Chris Bayliss > Victoria Australia- 3 children

Peter m. Mary-Ann Myers-two children-Sarah b. 5.10.1992

Emily b. 12.7.1994

Richard m.Anne Bourke-two children-Christopher b.12.7. 1993

Patrick b. 26.6.95

Jan m. Kevin Henwood_ -Natalie b. 12.8.1990

m. Tom Rawlings- no children

Frances m. Roy Lavery-3 children- Heather, Trish and Robert-Christchurch NZ

Helen m. James King-four children N Ireland (See details on other sheet)

Graham Family

Gawn Graham 1871 – 1954 m. Margaret Murdock 1870 – 1915

Mary m. Samuel James McCaughey (my parents)

Gawn m. Mary Stevenson – Canada

Elizabeth m. William Potter USA—one child-

m. J. Madill Canada

m. E. Loder New York, USA

Margaret/Peg d.

James m. Sadie Steele

m. Sarah Gilchrist- Canada 4 children

This is the information from the family gravestone at Broughshane cemetery near Ballymena.

In memory of the late Francis McCaughey of Tullynuey who departed this life 10/12/1866 aged 61 years

also his wife Eliza Wilson died 12/11/1887 aged 76 years

also the above named John McCaughey who died 1/10/1885 aged 58 years

and his daughter Margaret Thompson born 1/9/1874 died 10/9/1907

also his wife Agnes McCaughey who died 5/5/1932 aged 83 years

his grand daughter Dr Kathleen A McCaughey who died 22/7/1946 aged 28 years

his daughter Jane Glenn born 30/7/1872 died 18/2/1947

Also Annie McCaughey wife of Thomas McCaughey Eglish born 10/12/1884 died 17/7/1950

his daughter Elizabeth born 1/21881 died 11/4/1953

his daughter Mary Frances McCaughey born 3/8/1877 died 24/2/1962

Thomas McCaughey Eglish born 12/4/1883 died 18/8/1963

In memory of Elizabeth McCaughey

relict of the late Francis McCaughey of Rosherry who departed this life 15/4/1850 aged 76 years

also her son John McCaughey of Rosherry who died 20/3/1873 aged 80 years

and Margaret Glenn the beloved wife of Thomas McCaughey who died 14/10/1879 aged 34 years

also Mary Ann wife of Wm McCaughey who died 1/7/1882 aged 94 years

and Thomas. F son of Thos and Margaret McCaughey who died 11/6/1896 aged 17 years

also Thomas McCaughey who died 3/4/1923 aged 83 years

also his wife Alice Wallace who died 17/10/1928

In Memory of

the late Thomas McCaughey of Eglish who departed this life 13/11/1867 aged 64 years

also his son Francis McCaughey of Carncoagh who died 15/3/1875 aged 58 years

and Margaret J Wallace the dearly beloved of Robert M McCaughey Carncoagh who died 4/2/1880 aged 27 years

also Samuel James son of the above named Francis McCaughey who died 21/4/1889 aged 54 years

also Jane wife of Thomas McCaughey who died 11/7/1891 aged 85 years

and Ann Montgomery relict of the late Francis McCaughey who died 12/1900 aged 80 years

Margaret White McCaughey died 29/1/1934 aged 76 years

Jane McCaughey died 29/9/1934 aged 6 years

Robert McCaughey 16/5/1938 aged 86 years

Samuel James McCaughey b. 1897 died 17/5/1969 aged 72 yrs

And his son Robert Montgomery McCaughey who died November 1999 aged 75 years

From Grace White McCaughey 13 Yeats, Castlemaine, Victoria Australia 3450

Ph: 0474 083 864 03 5472 1128

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  1. My son married Jessie Cumming, daughter of Brian Cumming in Canada and niece of Anne Cumming in Turkey. Both her and I are interested in finding out her Irish family history.

    1. Author

      Dear Mike, sorry it took so long to respond! Too much happening in my busy life at 82.
      Yes Jessie is my beautiful grand niece. I keep in contact with Brain occasionally. Will not be ravelling to Canada again sadly. BUT I do spend a few months in far North Thailand in the small Mekong Riverside town of Chiang Khong. I need help re-organising my blog. Want to reduce to 5 categories and start loading some of my 20,000 files on to them.

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