McCaughey Grave Broughshane Cemetry, Co Antrim Northern Ireland

Francis McCaughey and John McCaughey

In memory of

the late Francis McCaughey of Tullynuey

who departed this life 10/12/1866

aged 61 years

also his wife Eliza Wilson

died 12/11/1887 aged 76 years

also the above named John McCaughey

who died 1/10/1885 aged 58 years

and his daughter Margaret Thompson

born 1/9/1874 died 10/9/1907

also his wife Agnes McCaughey

who died 5/5/1932 aged 83 years

his granddaughet Dr Kathleen A McCaughey

who died 22/7/1946 aged 28 years

his daughter Jane Glenn

born 30/7/1872 died 18/2/1947

Also Annie McCaughey wife of

Thomas McCaughey Eglish

born 10/12/1884 died 17/7/1950

his daughter Elizabeth

born 1/21881 died 11/4/1953

his daughter

Mary Frances McCaughey

born 3/8/1877 died 24/2/1962

Thomas McCaughey Eglish

born 12/4/1883 died 18/8/1963

In memory of

Elizabeth McCaughey

relict of the late Francis McCaughey

of Rosherry

who departed this life 15/4/1850

aged 76 years

also her son John McCaughey of Rosherry

who died 20/3/1873 aged 80 years

and Margaret Glenn the beloved wife of

Thomas McCaughey

who died 14/10/1879 aged 34 years

also Mary Ann wife of Wm McCaughey

who died 1/7/1882 aged 94 years

and Thomas F

son of Thos and Margaret McCaughey

who died 11/6/1896 aged 17 years

also Thomas McCaughey

who died 3/4/1923 aged 83 years

also his wife Alice Wallace

who died 17/10/1928

In Memory of

the late Thomas McCaughey of Eglish

who departed this life 13/11/1867

aged 64 years

also his son Francis McCaughey

of Carncoagh

who died 15/3/1875 aged 58 years

and Margaret J Wallace the dearly beloved

of Robert M McCaughey Carncoagh

who died 4/2/1880 aged 27 years

also Samuel James son of

the above named Francis McCaughey

who died 21/4/1889 aged 54 years

also Jane wife of Thomas McCaughey

who died 11/7/1891 aged 85 years

and Ann Montgomery

relict of the late Francis McCaughey

who died 12/1900 aged 80 years

Margaret White McCaughey

died 29/1/1834 aged 76 years

Jane McCaughey

died 29/9/1934 aged 6 years

Robert McCaughey

16/5/1938 aged 86 years

Samuel James McCaughey

died 17/5/1969 aged 72 years

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