McCaughey Family Tree

Thomas McCaughey 1803-1867 m. Jane 1806-1891

Francis 1825-1875 m. Ann Montgomery 1820 – 1900

Robert Montgomery McCaughey 1852 – 1938 m. Margaret Wallace 1853 – 1880 –2 children:

– Margaret Montgomery (Cushendall Rd, Ballymena)

-Francis (Frank) buried Narrandera, New South Wales

m. Margaret White 1858 – 1934 -6 children:

  1. Grace m. James McCord-Australia 2 children Dennis and Margaret Sydney Australia

  2. Annie m. James Welsh- Randalstown, Co Antrim- 4 children

  3. Nathaniel USA. Was a vet, killed by a horse kick at aged 40. Had son and grandson both called Nathaniel, married with two daughters and grandchildren. (We met Nathaniel, aged 82 years in Ballymena-2001. Since died)

  4. Robert USA

  5. Bessie m. William Currie –Australia 2 daughters Grace Flett and Betty Rose Brisbane Australia

  6. Samuel James m. Mary Graham and had 13 children of which I (Grace White McCaughey) am the 11th.

All six above were born at Carncoagh & went to school at Carnclinty –possibly

Graham Family

Gawn Graham 1871 – 1954 m. Margaret Murdock 1870 – 1915

Mary m. Samuel James McCaughey (my parents)-13 children

Gawn m. Mary Stevenson – Canada

Elizabeth m. William Potter USA—one child-

m. J. Madill Canada

m. E. Loder New York, USA

Margaret/Peg d.

James m. Sadie Steele

m. Sarah Gilchrist- Canada

4 children

From Grace White McCaughey

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