Clumping bamboos (non-invasive)

Drepanostachyum Falcatum ‘Himalayan Weeping Bamboo’ 5m x 20mm
Hardy but prefers some shade and a moist environment. Arching green canes with a white bloom. Delicate sprays of fine green foliage. 250mm $40, 350mm $70, 450mm $90.

Bambusa Multiplex ‘Alphonse Carr’ ‘Yellow Stem Hedge Bamboo’ China 5m x 30mm
Hardy. Green stripes on pink culms maturing to bright yellow. 350mm $70.

Bambusa Multiplex var. Riviereorum ‘Chinese Goddess Bamboo’ China 3m x 10mm.
Culms mature to ‘golden’ colour and arch from clump. 200mm $40.

Bambusa Oldhamii ‘Oldham’s Bamboo’ China 10m x 100mm
Very hardy and vigourous shoot producer. 200mm $40, 350mm $90, 450mm $140.

Bambusa Textilis var. Gracilis ‘Slender Weaver’s Bamboo’ Sth China 5m x 50mm
Tight and erect clump with very strong and thin culms. 200mm $40, 350mm $90.

Bambusa Textilis ‘Weavers Bamboo’ Sth China 5m-7m x 50mm
Tight and erect clump with very strong and thin culms. 200mm $30, 350mm $80.

Bambusa Ventricosa ‘Buddha’s Belly Bamboo’ China 17m x 50mm
Very hardy. Internodes swell under stress. 250mm $40.

Bambusa Vulgaris var. Vittata Origin unknown 12m x 80mm
Hardy. Lemon yellow culms with green stripes. 200mm $40.

Bambusa Vulgaris cv Wamin ‘Large Buddha’s Belly’ Origin unknown 5m x 80mm
Pronounced swelling at internodes. 200mm $40.

Also: B Eutiltordes, Himalayacalamus Falconeri, B Multiplex.
Running bamboos

Chimonobambusa Quadrangularis ‘Square-stem Bamboo’ China 8m x 40mm
Square thick-walled culms from dark green to brownish green. Good potted plant specimen. 200mm $25.

Chimonobambusa/Qiongzhuea Tumidinoda ‘Walking Stick Bamboo’ China 6m x 30mm
Swollen internodes and ‘golden brown’ culms with fine arching foliage. Popular shoots. 250mm $65.

Hibanobambusa Tranquillans Shiroshima Japan 5m x 30mm
Variegated foliage. 250mm $60.

Indocalamus Tessalatus ‘Large Leaf Bamboo’ China 2m x 10mm
Largest bamboo leaf. For wrapping dumplings. 250mm $40, 350mm $60.

Phyllostachys Pubescens ‘Moso’ China (Japan) 20m x 180mm
Feathery foliage and popular shoots. 250mm $50, 450mm $80

Phyllostachys Bambusoides ‘Madake’ China (Japan) 20m x 180mm
Thick walled culms for making ‘shakuhachi’. 250mm $50.

Phyllostachys Nigra ‘Black Bamboo’ Sth China 10m x 50mm
350mm $90.

Phyllostachys Aurea ‘Golden Bamboo’ China 6m x 50mm
350mm $60.

Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis China 12m x 80mm
Yellow culms with fine green stripes. 350mm $150.

Pleioblastus Pigmaeus ‘Smaller Dwarf Bamboo’ Japan 50mm x 3mm
Good ground cover. 200mm $30.

Sasa Tsuboiana Japan 1m x 4mm
Good ground cover. 250mm $40, 200mm $30.

Shibatea Kumasasa Japan 1.5m x 4mm
Thin stems and short leaves. Good potted plant. 200mm $30.

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